All I care about is money, give a fuck about the hoes.? rich, I'm on my
Shit, gotta let these motherfuckas know. Put my H up in the sky and for
Screw I drop a 4. My city calling for me but I'm gone.
Say hello say hello, gotta do what I do let me go. (x4)
Say none of yall niggas can do it like me. Puffing that purp, fucking up
Pink, and ion give a fuck about tint and shit. Only 1 deep, gotta pimp my
I take a look around the club, I den fucked everybody.
Man ima need some newer bitches with some newer bodies.
The type-a bitch that don't know shit and she don't know nobody.
So I can mold like a vent, yep polarize it.

Houston Texas gotta represent!!!