Donnie D's On The Back Up, Drug Free, So Put The Crack Up
No Need For Speed, I'M Anti D-r-u-g-g-i-e, My Body Is Healthy
My Rhymes Make Me Wealthy And My Funky Bunch Helps Me
To Bring You A Show With No Intoxication, So Come On Feel The Vibration (vibration)
Now The Time Has Come For You To Get Up
The Rest Had You Fed Up But Yo, I Won't Let Up
On The Rhythm And Rhyme That's Designed To Make Your Behind Move To What I'M Inclinced To
Pure Hip Hop, No Sell Out, If You Ain't In It To Win It Then Get The Hell Out
I Command You To Dance, I Wanna See Motivation
So Come On Now Feel The Vibration (vibration)

oh the back in the day dance style...I miss it was sooooo much fun!!!