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Zaz is a French pop singer with a Gypsy jazz style who made her chart-topping eponymous album debut in 2010. Born Isabelle Geffroy on May 1, 1980, in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France, she performed as a singer for much of her life. Her vocals are often compared to those of Edith Piaf. In association with the Play On label, she made her full-length solo debut with the self-titled album Zaz in 2010. Featuring a few songs written and produced by Raphaƫl, the album was well received by critics and spawned the hit single "Je Veux." As positive word of mouth spread, Zaz steadily rose to the top of the French albums chart, hitting number one in its sixth week of release. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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    Eblouie Par La Nuit by Zaz

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    Je Veux by Zaz

    i love u my angel...praying praying for u...O:-)

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    Je Veux by Zaz


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    Je Veux by Zaz

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