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Y La Mamba

Mamba was an all-vocal girl group assembled following an international talent search reminiscent of the formation of other '90s pop groups like the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and the Spice Girls. Like the Spice Girls, Mamba consists of four attractive performers, who are known only by their first names -- Glynnis, Jessica and Petra from Puerto Rico and Keisha from the Dominican Republic. Riding the crest of the waves surrounding the surge of popularity of both Latin pop groups and teen-oriented, fashion-conscious vocal groups, the band issued a series of singles in 1999 in South America and, later, the U.S., with chart-topping results. Their first single, "El Pam Pam," showed the most impact in Spanish-language markets, and was released as a single with the English-language song, "Turn Around" in late 1999 by Radikal Records as well as being featured on a Radikal compilation, Sexy Latin Beats. ~ Stacia Proefrock

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