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Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla were formed in Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain) in the summer of 1998, and consist of Pucho (vocals), David "El Indio" García (drums), Álvaro B. Baglieto (bass), Jorge González (percussion/programming), and Guillermo Galván and Juan Manuel Latorre (guitars and keyboards). In January of 2000 they recorded their first demo, 13 Horas con Lucy, which won several local awards that same year. In 2001 the band made it to the finals of Moratalaz's Rock Contest and met producer David Hyam, who began recording their third demo, La Cuadratura del Círculo (2003). Soon thereafter, Baglieto replaced Alejandro Notario on bass, and in May the band made the finals of the Villa de Madrid festival. Two years later, in 2005, they completed their first EP, Mira, at Heatroom Studios in Madrid. In February of 2008 Vetusta Morla released their first LP, Un Día en el Mundo (recorded at Sonobox Studios in Madrid), which was met with critical acclaim. Three years later they released their second studio album Maps, which won a plethora of awards and praise. ~ Alfonso Goiriz

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    Veneno by Vetusta Morla

    Veneno la confusión,.,veneno yo

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    Vetustear: dícese de lo que se viene haciendo esta semana en spoty CC @soniconp @sarappm

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    by Vetusta Morla

    Felices cada uno y esperar por los que vienen....