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Les VRP were formed as a street act in 1988. More than Bourvil's or Les Frères Jacques' natural heirs, Les VRP were the leaders of a new breed of comedy-rock. Unpredictable on-stage and constantly good on record, Les VRP rank among the highlights of the '90s French pop. They gained their cult status thanks to their constant creativity, improvisation capacities, and a complete disrespect for anything getting too serious. They delighted their audience with continually renewed shows and cruel but funny themes. They even came up with their own homemade instruments, the most famous of which would be the "contre-bassine" (a double bass -- contre-basse in French -- made out of a trash can, a piece of cord, and a simple broom stick). They actually were indie heroes in the glory days of early-'90s French alt-rock, even compared to such classic bands as Noir Désir, Les Garçons Bouchers, Bérurier Noir, Les Wampas, or La Mano Negra. They released only three studio LPs between 1989 and 1992 (Remords et Tristes Pets, Retire les Nains de Tes Poches, Vacances Prolongées), but Les VRP's members continued variously successful careers and collaborations in such projects as Les Nonnes Troppo, Néry, Stella, or Les Suprêmes Dindes. Their influence lived on in the followed years with the spawning of a whole bunch of bands claiming their inheritance, mixing their spirit with more traditional elements of French songwriting, and among which can be found Les Hurlements de Léo or Oldelaf & Monsieur D. ~ Olivier Duboc

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