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The Afters

Formed in 2000 by four Starbucks employees in Mesquite, TX, the Afters are an alternative CCM rock outfit originally known as Blisse. Under their original moniker, members Marc Dodd (drums), Matt Fuqua (guitar and vocals), Josh Havens (vocals and guitar), and Brad Wigg (bass and vocals) released an EP and an album (2001's When the World Is Wonderful) before finding out that there was another Blisse out there, and subsequently changed their name to the Afters. After making a name for themselves in the Dallas music scene, the Afters scored a deal with Epic and released their major-label debut in 2005, entitled I Wish We All Could Win. The album was a hit on the Christian charts, making it to the Top 25. In 2006, the band went back into the studio to record its follow-up, Never Going Back to OK, which was slated for release in February of 2008. ~ Chris True

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