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The Acacia Strain

East Coast alternative metal ensemble the Acacia Strain utilize a bone-crushing rhythm section, apocalyptic samples, and a unique triple-guitar assault to deliver their signature blend of hardcore, noise, and death and doom metal. Formed in Springfield, Massachusetts in 2002, the group consists of guitarists Daniel Daponde and Daniel Laskeiwitz, vocalist/guitarist Vincent Bennett, bass player Seth Coleman, and drummer Kevin Boutot. They released their debut, 3750, on Prosthetic Records in 2002, followed by Dead Walk for Razor & Tie in 2006. Released in 2008, Continent found the group operating as a foursome, while 2010’s Wormwood introduced melodic hooks into the venomous mix of breakdowns and skull-splitting howling. The live CD/DVD Most Known Unknown arrived the following year. ~ James Christopher Monger

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