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Tenth Avenue North

With a bright and sunny modern pop sound, Tenth Avenue North (the group took its name from a major road in the West Palm Beach, FL area where the band was originally formed) have become one of the brightest lights on the contemporary Christian music scene. Led by Mike Donehey's vocals and songwriting, the group released three independent albums, 2002’s Broken Down, 2003’s Don’t Look Back, and 2005’s Speaking of Silence, and an EP, 2006’s God with Us, before signing with Reunion Records and releasing Over and Underneath in 2008 and The Light Meets the Dark in 2010. A concert set, Live: Inside and In Between, appeared in 2001, with another studio effort, The Struggle, following in 2012. ~ Steve Leggett

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    Worn by Tenth Avenue North


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    Strong Enough To Save by Tenth Avenue North

    and He will break open the skies to save those who cry out His name. The One the wind and waves obey is strong enough to save you