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French rock band Superbus was formed in 1999 by frontwoman Jennifer Ayache (the daughter of actress Chantal Lauby) upon her return from a seven-year stay in the U.S. Guitarist Michel Giovannetti and bassist François Even co-founded the original lineup, with guitarist Patrice Focone and drummer Guillaume Roussé later added to the roster. Inspired by both the sound and visual iconography of pre-Beatles rock & roll, the group took its name from a very different tradition when Ayache saw the word "superbus," meaning proud and superior, in a Latin dictionary. In the spring of 2002 Superbus issued its debut LP, Aéromusical, and while the record entered the lower reaches of the French charts, its 2004 follow-up, Pop 'n' Gum proved their commercial breakthrough, generating hits like "Radio Song" and "Little Hily." Roussé left Superbus in early 2005, and with new drummer Greg Jacks in place, the quintet cut its third album, 2006's Top Ten smash Wow. ~ Jason Ankeny

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