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Sublime with Rome

After frontman Bradley Nowell's death brought an end to the group Sublime, surviving members Eric Wilson (bass) and Bud Gaugh (drums) formed the Long Beach Dub All-Stars before returning to the Sublime catalog in 2009 with a revised lineup named Sublime with Rome. The “Rome” is Rome Ramirez, a singer/guitarist with whom band first played some gigs in 2009 as Sublime. They became Sublime with Rome a year later, the result of a legal hangup with Nowell's estate, and launched a cross-country tour of America. In 2011, Fueled By Raman released the group's first album, Yours Truly. ~ David Jeffries

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Top Shares of Sublime with Rome

  1. getAlbumArtImg

    Only by Sublime with Rome

    Only [HD], by Sublime w/ Rome (@ Effenaar, 2011): http://youtu.be/D0QKaSYA0v4

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    Same Old Situation by Sublime with Rome

    Just got my tickets to the Sublime with Rome concert in Columbus, OH tomorrow night!

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    Panic by Sublime with Rome

    Sublime with Rome "Panic" At: Guitar Center: http://youtu.be/6xQOaPsVFYI

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    You Better Listen by Sublime with Rome

    :D you better listen :D<3

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