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Originally formed in 2000 as a side project, Silverstein was launched by vocalist Shane Told, guitarist Josh Bradford, drummer Paul Koehler, guitarist Richard McWalter, and bassist Bill Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. After diving into Ontario's hardcore/emo scene -- which also included bands like Moneen and Grade -- Silverstein found an audience for its particular brand of shimmering emo and hot-blooded post-hardcore. The band's self-released EP, Summer's Stellar Gaze, was quite well received upon its release in 2000, and soon Silverstein became the full-time project of its members. After a lineup change that saw McWalter being replaced by ex-Maharahj guitar player Neil Boshart, the band began to tour the eastern provinces of Canada in earnest.

Silverstein released a second EP in April 2002 entitled When the Shadows Beam. The record sparked the interest of Victory Records honcho Tony Brummel, who signed the group to his respected Chicago imprint in October of that same year. When Broken Is Easily Fixed, Silverstein's full-length Victory debut, appeared in May 2003; a re-release of the album was issued a year later with bonus tracks and a DVD. Silverstein spent the summer of 2005 playing on the Warped Tour, and their follow-up album, Discovering the Waterfront, came out that August. Silverstein also appeared on the 2006 Take Action Tour alongside Matchbook Romance, Chidos, and the Early November. 18 Candles: The Early Years appeared in May, combining reissued material from the band's first two independently released EPs with several live tracks, acoustic performances, extensive liner notes, and rare band photos. Victory then issued a special edition of Discovering the Waterfront in fall 2006 with a bonus live DVD, new artwork, and an additional track.

After coming off tour, Silverstein began working with producer Mark Trombino, who had previously worked with Jimmy Eat World and blink-182. The title of the resulting record, 2007's Arrivals & Departures, pertained to the maintenance of personal relationships while on the road. It also involved more emotionally charged lyrics, inspired by the end of Told's seven-year relationship just before his return to the studio. Silverstein traveled the world in support of the album, playing the usual North American shows while also touring through Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America. They found time to return to the studio, too, and A Shipwreck in the Sand marked the band's fourth studio album in 2009. The band set out on tour to promote the album, making stops all across the U.S. and the U.K. The following year, Silverstein announced that they were leaving longtime label Victory for Hopeless Records, who would release their fifth album, Rescue, in 2011. ~ Johnny Loftus

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