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Sheila on 7

Formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1996, Sheila on 7 was rock and pop band that underwent a number of line up changes in their decade-plus career. Shortly after forming, the group landed a deal with mega-label Sony, on which the band issued their debut album, Sheila on 7, in 1999. The self-titled debut was enough of a hit to warrant subsequent albums seeing release in neighboring countries, bringing the sound of Sheila on 7 to nations like Malaysia and Singapore. In 2005, Sheila on 7 released their first Best Of compilation, which was quickly followed by the full-length 507 a year later. In 2007, Sheila on 7's music got an interesting interpretation with the compilation release, Sheila on 7 Karaoke Hits, Vol. 1. ~ Chris True

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    'the rain'

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