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Scars On 45

British alt-rock ensemble Scars on 45 make yearning, melodic pop that combines the big guitar rock of Oasis with the melodic, country-influenced sound of Fleetwood Mac. Formed in Bradford, Yorkshire around 2007, Scars on 45 began as a duo after former football-mates, singer/songwriter Danny Bemrose and bassist Stuart Nichols, started writing songs together. Eventually the band expanded to include keyboardist David Nowakowski, vocalist Aimee Driver, and drummer Chris Durling. While the group developed a local following, it wasn't until their song "Beauty's Running Wild" was used in a 2009 episode of the CBS television drama CSI:New York that Scars on 45 caught the attention of the wider music industry. In 2011, buoyed by that success and a record deal with the Chop Shop label, they released two EPs, including Give Me Something and Heart on Fire, the latter's title cut appeared on the Grey’s Anatomy, Vol. 4 soundtrack. Scars on 45's full-length debut album is set for release in 2012. ~ Matt Collar

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    Give Me Something by Scars On 45

    And I made a million wishes but not a single one has come true...

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    Give Me Something by Scars On 45

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    Heart On Fire by Scars On 45