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Sarah Geronimo
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Top Shares of Sarah Geronimo

  1. 771e6649a3809c89363839cd324c0925

    A Very Special Love by Sarah Geronimo

    Very Special Love (with lyrics): http://youtu.be/eK-Nj4JI6Dk

  2. 204913fdf501fdcd8bb9ea078edd0a85

    You Changed My Life In A Moment by Sarah Geronimo

    You Changed My Life LYRICS - Sarah Geronimo: http://youtu.be/xvRIzYk4jew

  3. 6960622902c8863a6d19ae18bc13ecef

    When I Met You by Sarah Geronimo

  4. cd8ffb4dca00f7b07d02dcc5ecede449

    Right Here Waiting by Sarah Geronimo

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