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S Club Juniors

British teen-pop ensemble S Club Juniors formed after a series of nationwide open autidions carried out in 2001 by Simon Fuller's management originally comprised Cornwall native Aaron Paul Renfree (born 1987), Daisy Rebecca Evans (born 1990) from Chadwell Heath, Essex Calvin Goldspink (born 1989) from Suffolk Jay Perry Asforis (born 1989) from Chigwell, Essex Rochelle Wiseman (born 1989) from Romford, Essex Stacey McClean (born 1989) from Blackpool, Lancashire, Francesca Sanford (born 1989) from Upminister, Essex and Hannah Lorraine Richings (born 1989) from Newbury, Berkshire. S Club Juniors debuted during a S Club 7 performance at London's Wembley Stadium as part of their Carnival 2002 tour. The London-based pop youngsters anticipated their debut album with the release of the hit singles "Automatic High," and "New Direction,". ~ Drago Bonacich

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