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Raça Negra

Neo-pagode group formed in São Paulo by the friends Luiz Carlos (guitar) and Paulinho (bass) in 1983 in the working-class suburb of Vila Nhocuné, the Raça Negra owes its popularity to a great extent to its sensuous choreography, romantic lyrics, mellifluous melodies, and strongly catchy refrains. Inviting another friend, Fena, to do the percussion, soon the duo was also joined by Fernando Monstrinho, Fininho, Gabú (who left the group in 1997), and Edson Café. In 1991, their demo tape resulted in a contract with RGE, and in that year the first Raça Negra album came out, featuring "Caroline" (Luiz Carlos). Other hits on that album were "Quero Ver Você Chorar," "Somente Você," and "Chega." The success brought invitations for performances on TV in Rio and São Paulo. The visual impact of their choreography yielded more invitations for shows, and the group enjoyed nationwide popularity. Other Raça Negra hits are "Cigana," "Quando Te Encontrei," "Cheia de Manias," "Doce Paixão," and "Me Leva Junto com Você." ~ Alvaro Neder

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