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QB Finest

Named after the Queens, New York housing complex that has raised some of the east coast’s most influential producers and MCs, this rap supergroup was used by one of the project’s most famous sons Nas to launch his Ill Will Records imprint in autumn 2000. Nas was joined on the album by Capone, Mobb Deep, MC Shan, Marley Marl, Nature, Cormega, Roxanne Shanté, and several unheralded MCs. The veterans Shan and Marl helped out in the studio on the reworking of their 1986 b-boy classic, ‘The Bridge’, while Shanté made a welcome return to the studio on ‘We Live This’. The album also featured the deliciously salacious ‘Oochie Wally’, an underground hit which crossed over to the national charts the following year.

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