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Prinz Pi

Born Friedrich Kautz on October 23, 1979, in Berlin, Prinz Pi went by a number of different names in the German hip-hop scene, such as Doc Murdock, Doc Mabuse, Slick Spingo and Prince Porn One, before settling on the name that wouldn't lead reviewers to think he was peddling pornographic rap. His first CD -- with the group Die Beatfabrik (or Beat Factory) emerged in 2000, entitled Wort Shots. But his first appearance as a solo artist came a year earlier, at the age of 19, on the various artists album, Compilation Berlin. More album, single, EP and guest appearances followed, but problems over his use of the name Prince Porn 1 forced his hand, and in 2005 he opted for the safer Prinz Pi. By 2007, Prinz Pi had released more (or appeared on) more than twenty albums, including that year's Zeitlos (or Timeless), which was a top 100 seller. ~ Chris True

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