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Outasight is the alias of Richard Andrew, a rapper and singer who hails from Yonkers, New York and combines rap, R&B, and rock with occasional crossover appeal. He promoted himself via a series of gigs -- small-scale gigs as well as festival appearances -- along with mixtapes, beginning with 2007's Employee of the Year. 2009's Further was first issued as a 14-track mixtape, then knocked down to a six-track EP for wider circulation through the Warner-distributed Asylum. After a couple more mixtapes, Outasight made his official major-label debut with the 2011 single "Tonight Is the Night" -- a disco-funk party anthem with a pop sheen -- as the prelude to a proper album planned for 2012. His debut, Nights Like These, appeared in late Novemeber of that year. ~ Andy Kellman

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