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Top Fans of Opick

  1. Wanherry
  2. ssatria72
  3. HeNdro.MuLia_1
  4. Cahyo.Wiirwanto
  5. Mahdi22
  6. Fariza.Alisa
  7. chasamia.sherly
  8. Nharty.Zhu

Top Shares of Opick

  1. e2c7792f85b6b3415826999189bee697

    Bismillah by Opick

  2. getAlbumArtImg

    Bila Waktu Telah Berakhir by Opick

    bagaimanakah bila saatnya....

  3. 9838402c856d22caba7562c852b3fe2b

    Taubat by Opick

    My heart can hear this song..

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