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A widely popular rock band hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, Naff formed at the turn of the 21st century, and released their first album, Terlahir, in 2000. Members Ady (aka Ruyaedi Makmun) (vocals), Ade (aka Andri Kurniawan H) (guitars), Dedi Ginanjar Raksawardana (guitars), Odeu Wijaya (bass), and Hilal Hamzah (drums) released albums number two and three -- Terbang Tinggi and NaFF -- in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Their fourth record, which was critically well-received for its eclectic and exploratory nature, including flourishes of Minang, Isyarat Hati, hit the streets in 2006. The album was awarded one of the Top Ten Albums of that year by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine. ~ Chris True

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    Kenanglah Aku by Naff

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    I love u 4ever:)

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    Bila Nanti Kau Milikku by Naff

    Naff temani aku, moga lagu ini bukan hanya sekedar lagu