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Mindless Behavior

Put together by producers Vincent Herbert (Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, Lady Gaga) and Walter Millsap (Alicia Keys, Beyoncé), Mindless Behavior is a pop-R&B group featuring singers and dancers Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal. The quartet was signed to Interscope within half a year of its formation and debuted on the Billboard charts in February 2011 with their first single, “My Girl” -- a sweet, light-hearted number in the squeaky-clean vein of Justin Bieber and first-album Chris Brown. Shortly after the release of the follow-up single, “Mrs. Right,” the group’s first album, #1 Girl, debuted at number seven on Billboard 200. Around the same time, Mindless Behavior graduated from opening for Janet Jackson to headlining their own U.S. tour. The group's second album, All Around the World, followed in March 2013. ~ Andy Kellman

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