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mihimaru GT

J-pop group Mihimaru GT specialize in an urban/pop sound. After unspectacular solo careers, duo members Miyake (born Mitsuyuki Miyake on October 2, 1980, in Okayama, Japan) and Hiroko (born Akutsu Hiroko on July 24, 1984, in Hyogo, Japan) were brought together as Mihimaru GT by their shared management. They released a number of singles to moderate success, starting with 2003's "Yakusoku," but it was 2006's "Kibun Jou Jou" that made Mihimaru GT a household name in Japan. Their three albums, Mihimarhythm (2004), Mihimalife (2005), and Mihimagic (2006), were all big sellers, each breaking the Top 20, with Mihimagic peaking at number two. Their 2007 compilation, Best of Mihimaru GT, was a number one seller on the Oricon charts. ~ Chris True

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