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Latin rock superstars Man√° got their start in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in 1986 when singer Fher Olvero, guitarist Ulises Calleros, brother and bassist Juan Diego Calleros, and Cuban-Colombian drummer Alex Gonz√°lez joined together, initially signing with Polygram. Unsatisfied with the direction in which the label wanted to take them, they switched to Warner Music by the time their debut, Falta Amor, was released in 1992. Shortly after, however, Ulises left and was replaced by keyboardist Iv√°n Gonz√°lez and guitarist Cesar Lopez, who remained with the group only for their seminal 1994 album, Donde Jugaran los Ni√Īos?, the record that propelled them into the ranks of Latin rock stardom. En Vivo, which captured the energy of Man√°'s live show, was released in 1995, the same year that new guitarist Sergio Vallin made his first appearance, on Cuando los Angeles Lloren. After Sue√Īos Liquidos came out in 1997, the band began to receive heavy global attention, particularly in the U.S., that was solidified after the release of MTV Unplugged in 1999 and an appearance on Carlos Santana's record Supernatural with the song "Coraz√≥n Espinado." The legendary guitarist returned the favor when he performed on Man√°'s 2002 Revoluci√≥n de Amor, the record that definitively showed them for the stars they were and gave them a Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. Four years later, the band's sixth studio album, Amar Es Combatir, recorded at Miami's The Hit Factory, was released. In its first week, Amar Es Combatir became the highest charting debut for a Spanish-language album by a group on the Billboard 200. Fans would wait a further five long years for another studio album from the band, although they did release a live album, Arde el Cielo, in 2008. The several-times-delayed Drama y Luz was finally released in 2011, and was again a big success, cracking the Billboard top five. ~ Marisa Brown

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