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Lucky Ali

First rising to popularity with the album Sunoh, Lucky Ali introduced a mellow, radio-friendly style of adult alternative songwriting that appealed to a mature audience favoring laid-back music consumption. His husky voice and close-to-the-heart lyrics made him a darling to suave youth who rejected the overtly hip and shallow sounds that came before him. Maqsood Mehmood Ali had a troubled relationship with his father, legendary Bollywood comedian Mehmood. Lucky's youth was rife with drug abuse and wanderlust. He started his music career rather late, gaining wide recognition following the release of Sunoh in 1996. The song "O Sanam" was an overnight hit, winning Lucky several awards. Three more albums followed in a span of eight years, and Lucky also worked on a variety of important Bollywood projects. He also acted in a few movies, the most notable being Kaante and Sur. ~ Bhasker Gupta

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