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Los Tucanes de Tijuana

Los Tucanes de Tijuana was formed by vocalist/guitarist Mario Quintero Lara, vocalist/accordionist Joel Higuera, drummer David Servin and bassist Mario Moreno. The quartet began recording and soon signed a contract with Alacran Records, which released 14 Tucanazos Bien Pesados and Mundo de Amor in 1995. The albums fared so well that Los Tucanes de Tijuana earned a contract with EMI Latin. The group has also recorded for Unisono and Cintas Acuario, releasing Amor Platonico in 1998; their Nuestras Primeras Canciones Vol. 1 collection appeared the same year, as did Los Mas Buscados.Me Gusta Burlar la Ley was issued in September 2000. Mi Gusta Vivir de Noche followed on Universal Latino later that fall and Claves, Masacres Y Fugas and Mission Especial were both released in early 2001. ~ John Bush

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