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Los Primos De Durango

Set apart both for their youth and location (one of few successful duranguense acts not based in Chicago) Los Primos de Durango write new rules for success in the world of Regional Mexican music. Los Primos de Durango emerged in 2003 as one of many groups riding Duranguense's rise in popularity. The group consisted of nine members, all hailing from Vicente Guerrero, Durango, and many of whom were still in their teens when the group's line up was solidified. Members Javier Eduardo Vargas Amaya (vocals), Arturo Manuel Vargas Rios (vocals), Jesús Fernando Vargas Rios (sax), Luis Enrique Vargas Rios (keyboard), Arturo Manuel Vargas Dueñes (sax), Felipe de Jesús Herrera Ramirez (drums), Eduardo Vargas Dueñes (keyboard), Francisco Javier Vargas Dueñes (keyboard and tuba) and Now Serrano Domínguez (percusión) performed regionally and made numerous television appearances preceding their debut record. In 2003 Nostalgia Duranguense was released, featuring single "Tocando Fondo." The album became popular amongst the band's established fan base, but did little to expand their popularity. It was not until their sophomore effort Tal Vez hit the market that Los Primos de Durango became nationally known. The record garnered a handful of awards nominations, including "Revelación del Año" and "Grupo Duranguense del Año" from the Premios Furia Musical. Thanks to "Tocando Fondo's" radio success, Los Primos were invited to perform throughout Mexico in cities such as Leon, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi and more. Los Primo's singles such as "Voy a Converncerte," "Tal Vez" and the 2007 release "Y Tu Te Vas" landed on international airplay charts, appearing on Billboard charts in several categories. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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