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A trio of self-professed record geeks living in Brooklyn by way of San Francisco, Lemonade fuse post-punk and Hi-NRG in their souped-up dance revival. After their move to New York in October of 2008, they started creating sequences using Ableton Live on a laptop. The bandmates brought their respective backgrounds to the mix, with Ben Steidel incorporating house elements, Alex Pasternak bringing in a worldly percussive flavor, and Callan Clendenin adding airiness with ambient electronics. As the recording process progressed, the members began swapping styles, overlapping ideas, and incorporating live instrumentation. After stacking their music with live bass, percussion, and vocals, the rhythmic, genre-spanning sound of their demo caught the ear of TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and !!! producer Chris Coady, who recorded the band’s self-titled full length. ~ Jason Lymangrover

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