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La Union

Spanish pop/rock band La Unión got involved in the local scene in the early '80s. Singer Rafael Sánchez, bass player Luis Bolín, guitarist Mario Martínez, and keyboardist Iñigo Zabala hit the charts in 1984 with their song "Lobo Hombre en Paris," releasing Mil Siluetas that same year, produced by Mecano's Nacho Cano and followed by El Maldito Viento in 1985. Three years later the band self-produced Vivir Al Este del Eden. Around that same time, Iñigo Zabala decided to leave, turning the band into a three-piece act. While experimenting with its music, La Unión moved to England to work with Mike Howlet, recording Tentación. On October 19, 1991, at La Coruña, the group made the live recording Tren de Largo Recorrido, which compiled the band's best songs. In a new experimental experience, La Unión decided to make a record in the U.S. Psycofunkster Au Lait was produced by Stephan Galfas and issued in 1993. The band continued recording, releasing Big Bang in 2010 ~ Drago Bonacich

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