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Josh Wilson

Born in Lubbock, TX, singer and songwriter Josh Wilson was the son of a preacher, and not only was he exposed to hymns and classical music while growing up, but he also absorbed secular pop, rock, and folk, all of which he mixes into his contemporary-sounding and deeply spiritual brand of Christian pop. He released an independent album, Dragonfly, in 2004, following it with a second independent release, the Shake the Shadow EP in 2006. That same year he signed with Sparrow Records, and in 2008 the much acclaimed Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup appeared from the label, with Sing: A Christmas EP following that same year in time for the holiday season. Another EP, Life Is Not a Snapshot, was released in 2009. On January 3, 2010, during an intense security delay at Newark Liberty International Airport, Wilson calmed and entertained fellow passengers by singing the Beatles' “Hey Jude,” and a video of his performance went viral soon after, greatly expanding Wilson's audience. The self-titled Josh Wilson album appeared later that same year, followed by See You early in 2011, both issued by Sparrow Records. ~ Steve Leggett

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