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John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio, featuring singer and guitarist John Butler, is Australia's biggest contribution to the jam band scene

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Top Shares of John Butler Trio

  1. ea516da6a7f7a35265462cb58f6b4ef4

    Better Than by John Butler Trio

    Im Glad to see you all are enjoying my find on you tube ..I love this band John Butler Trio ...Very Talented !! This happens to be my fav by them , but they are all great songs

  2. 1e572cfa9d77b9d12f974a39356a1792

    Caroline by John Butler Trio

  3. a921090f5e39bf387733d3a0cf1cf1fb

    Better Than by John Butler Trio

  4. c673db875b2a8226a33dc3126c8d893c

    Fool For You by John Butler Trio

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