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Jason Derulo

Pop vocalist Jason Derülo launched his career while still in his teens, first as a songwriter for other artists and later as a solo performer. Born to Haitian parents in Miramar, Florida, Derülo started singing at an early age. He attended performing arts schools in Florida and took some early stabs at music composition, writing his first song at the age of eight. His writing skills began attracting attention, and by his teenage years, Derülo had begun scribing tracks for artists like Lil Wayne, Pitbull, and Pleasure P. He also wrote "Bossy" for Birdman, a New Orleans-based rapper, and made a guest appearance on the song, which highlighted his ability as a vocalist.

After signing to a subsidiary of Warner Bros., Derülo began making the transition from behind-the-scenes songwriter to mainstream performer. His first hit arrived during the summer of 2009, when he wrapped a sample of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" (a song made popular by its appearance in the second season finale of The O.C., as well as the Saturday Night Live sketch Dear Sister) around a sleek modern soul beat. Titled "Whatcha Say," the song topped the Billboard charts and cracked the Top Ten in multiple foreign countries, including Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K. A second single, "In My Head," peaked at number five in America, and Derülo's full-length debut album arrived in early 2010. Future History followed in 2011, along with its hit single "Don't Wanna Go Home."

At the start of 2012, he embarked on the Future History Tour, but Derülo broke one of his vertebrae during rehearsals. As a result of his neck injury, he canceled the entire tour. Recuperating and reflecting upon his injury, he announced details of his new album and released the single "The Other Side" in April 2013. Two further singles, "Talk Dirty" and "Marry Me," were released in preparation for Tattoos, which was released in September 2013. ~ Jason Thurston & Andrew Leahey

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