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Tonya Kelly grew up in Chicago listening to jazz vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan and Nat Cole. Joi Marshall is also from the Windy City, but her parents raised her on Motown, especially Diana Ross. The third member of Jade, Di Reed, grew up in Houston singing gospel anywhere she could. This '90s R&B trio from diverse backgrounds hit big with their first three singles: "I Wanna Love You," "Don't Walk Away" and "One Woman." Their gold debut album JADE to the Max sparked a lengthy tour and spots on The Tonight Show, Arsenio and the U.K.'s Top of the Pops. For their second album, Kelly, Marshall and Reed co-wrote five of the songs and produced the a cappella intro and closing piece. Mind, Body & Song was released in 1994. ~ John Bush

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    Don't Walk Away by Jade

    Old skoo slapper

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