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At first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless, but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track "Sag My Pants" on his own in late 2010. Born Marcus Hopson, the Los Angeles native signed with Ruthless in 2007, with his Gazing at the Moonlight album following on the label two years later. A battle in the press followed with Hopsin claiming he had not authorized the album's release, while Ruthless' owner -- and Eazy-E's widow, Tomica Wright -- claimed he had, but the end result was a professional split. Self-promotion suited the then independent rapper as his "Sag My Pants" track lit up Internet video sharing sites in 2010. It would be featured, along with some diss tracks directed at Ruthless, on his RAW mixtape, which was released that same year. By 2011, Hopsin's image included white contacts that made him look quite ominous, and when coupled with a positive message, the rapper had found himself a welcoming posse with Tech N9ne and his Strange Music roster. In 2012 it was announced that the two were working on tracks for Hopsin's forthcoming album, Knock Madness. ~ David Jeffries

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