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Protégés of Cypress Hill superproducer DJ Muggs, Funkdoobiest -- as their name made clear -- specialized in a stoner-friendly brand of Latin hip-hop that often recalled their mentors. The group was formed in Los Angeles in 1992 by Puerto Rican MC Son Doobie (born Jason Vasquez), Sioux MC Tomahawk Funk (born Tyrone Pachenco), and DJ Ralph M. (born Ralph Medrano, who'd previously worked with Kid Frost). The trio became part of the Soul Assassins crew, along with Cypress Hill and House of Pain, and landed a deal with Epic in 1993. DJ Muggs produced their debut album, Which Doobie U B?, which appeared later that year and went gold on the strength of singles like "Bow Wow Wow," "The Funkiest," and "Freak Mode." Now established as cult favorites, Funkdoobiest returned in 1995 with Brothas Doobie, which was somewhat less successful but did produce a couple more underground hits in "Rock On" and "Dedicated." Following Brothas Doobie, Tomahawk Funk left the group to raise his family. Funkdoobiest reconvened as a duo, switched to RCA subsidiary Buzz Tone, and recorded their third album, 1998's The Troubleshooters, without Muggs behind the boards. Their newly revised sound incorporated soul and stronger Latin influences, and resulted in the underground hit "Papi Chulo." By 2002, Son Doobie was reportedly working on a solo album. ~ Steve Huey

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