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Espinoza Paz

Espinoza Paz is a regional Mexican singer/songwriter from Sinaloa who penned dozens of songs for others before embarking on a recording career of his own in 2007. Born Isidro Chávez Espinoza in La Angostura, Sinaloa, Mexico, he wrote his first song at age 11. He later emigrated to Sacramento, CA, in 1996 and worked as an agricultural laborer, but after his mother passed away, he chose to return to his homeland and pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. His breakthrough came via El Coyote, a popular sinaloense banda vocalist, who recorded his songs and made them into hits, beginning with "Besitos en el Cuello," "Prohibido," and "Para Impresionarte" in 2005-2006. Soon Paz was penning songs for a long list of regional Mexican artists, including Sergio Vega, La Arrolladora Banda el Limón, Banda Cuisillos, Julio Chaidez, Banda de Jerez, Jenny Rivera, Chuy Lizarraga, Adair Elizalde, El Potro de Sinaloa, El Chapo de Sinaloa, and Duelo, among numerous others. Most notable was his collaboration with Banda Cuisillos, who performed five of his songs on their hit comeback album, Mil Heridas (2007), including the smash hit title track. That same year Paz embarked on a recording career of his own, releasing his full-length solo album debut, Paz en Tu Corazón, in association with Nueva Generacion Music Group. Another independently released album, Amigo con Derechos (2008), followed before Paz was offered a recording contract with the major label Universal Latino, which released the album El Canta Autor del Pueblo (2008) on its Machete Music subsidiary. Featuring previously released favorites such as "El Celular" and "Amigo con Derechos," El Canta Autor del Pueblo spawned the hit single "El Proximo Viernes," which broke into the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. Later in 2008 the album Mis Éxitos con Tololoche was released by Disa. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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    Un Hombre Normal by Espinoza Paz

    Me hare pasar por un hombre normal... jeje buenos dias amig@s,arriba ♡♡♡♡☜

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    by Espinoza Paz

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    El Proximo Viernes by Espinoza Paz

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