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As Enur, Copenhagen-based dance producer and DJ Rune Kølsch scored a major club hit in 2007 with a fresh version of a years-old Rune track titled "Calabria," featuring reggae vocalist and fellow Dane Natasja Saad (who passed away in a June 2007 car accident). The track topped Billboard's U.S. dance chart in early 2008. Kølsch, who records with brother Johannes Torpe as Artificial Funk, has also produced under the aliases Heavy Rock, Ink & Needle, and Rude RKade. The Ultra label planned an album, imaginatively titled Enur: The Album, for a March 2008 release. ~ Andy Kellman

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    Calabria 2008 (ft Natasja) by Enur

    this makes me dance q;

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    Calabria 2008 (ft Natasja) by Enur

    Gracias amiga y ahora que me bas a entojar hahaha

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    Calabria 2008 (ft Natasja) by Enur

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    Calabria 2008 (ft Natasja) by Enur

    Simplemente yo