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El Trono De Mexico

El Trono de Mexico is a regional Mexican group from the state of Mexico that specializes in duranguense music. Founded in 2004 in Santo Tomás de los Plátanos, Mexico, the group is comprised of Everardo Ávila Marcelino (lead vocals, musical director), Carlos Enrique Martínez Cruz (drums), Luis Alberto López Terán (percussion, tambora), Duani Ávila Marcelino (vocals, keyboards), Yovany Bautista Morales, and Odilón Ávila Marcelino. El Trono de Mexico began their recording career on the independent label Skalona Records, releasing the albums Soy Dos Veces Mexicano (2004), El Pesudo (2005), El Muchacho Alegre (2006), and Fuego Nuevo (2007). The latter two albums spawned some of the group's biggest hits, namely "No Te Apartes de Mí," "Ganas de Volver Amar," and "Se Fue." In the wake of these breakthrough hits, Universal Latino licensed the El Trono de Mexico back catalog, reissued El Muchacho Alegre and Fuego Nuevo in 2007, and subsequently released a best-of compilation, Las Famosas del Trono: Grandes Éxitos (2008). Meanwhile, El Trono de Mexico switched to the label DBC Entertainment and released the album Cruzando Fronteras (2008). ~ Jason Birchmeier

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