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Nicknamed L'Amiral and L'Intransferable, French MC Dry rose to fame as a key figure of several hip-hop outfits before embarking on a solo career of his own. Born Landry Delica in 1977, he first developed a love of rap while growing up in Seine-Saint-Denis, where he became best friends with a young Nessbeal. After moving to Orly in Val-de-Marne in 1991, he formed Intouchable with Hakim Sid, aka Demon One (an urban act who became renowned for losing several members in tragic circumstances) and went onto join Mafia K'1 Fry, a collective of rappers, beatboxers, and DJs which also included the likes of Kery James and 113. Following guest appearances on tracks by Rohff, Ideal J, and Sexion D'Assaut, he released street tape De la Pure Pour Les Durs in 2008 before recording his debut solo studio album, Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers, a year later, and his sophomore outing, Tot Ou Tard, in 2012. ~ Jon O'Brien

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