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Dom Kennedy

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Dom Kennedy (born Dominic Hunn) is a rapper with a fiercely independent streak. With a style that pairs terse, simple lyricism with a knack for narrative, Kennedy has made a name for himself with a prolific string of mixtapes, making his debut in 2008 with 25th Hour, followed by Future Street/Drug Sounds and Best After Bobby in 2009, From the Westside with Love in 2011, and The Yellow Album and Young Nation in 2012. Rather than sign on with a label, the talented MC instead decided to start his own label, Other People's Money, which he used to release his own official albums, From the Westside with Love II and Get Home Safely, in 2011 and 2013, respectively. ~ Gregory Heaney

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    My Type Of Party by Dom Kennedy

    #MPF & ELE #add DJ X-EXTREME SOUND & DJ EDMIXX #Which team gonna win?? #Don't ask ME!! #B there to c it urself ight!!

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    Dominic by Dom Kennedy

    Her hair in a bun, them some nice shoes. You lookin like somethin a nigga might choose. -Dom ❤️

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    My Type Of Party by Dom Kennedy

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    My Type Of Party by Dom Kennedy