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Day of Fire

It was after Full Devil Jacket lead singer Josh Brown overdosed on heroin in 2000, upon the conclusion of the band's first tour, that it became clear to him that he needed to change his life or risk death, so instead of completing the next Full Devil Jacket album Brown spent the next few years trying to clean up his life, finding religion in the process. Though he thought he would never enter the music business again, Brown didn't stop writing songs, and around this same time, Essential Records, a Christian label, contacted Brown and expressed interest in working with him. As the singer had no real material, initially nothing stemmed from these meetings, but it gave Brown the impetus to begin writing music with friend and fellow Jackson, TN, resident Greg Hionis. Soon they had enough to record Day of Fire's self-titled debut, which came out on Essential in 2004. In 2006, with guitarist Joe Pangallo, bassist Chris Pangallo, and drummer Zach Simms completing the lineup, the band released its sophomore album, Cut and Move. ~ Marisa Brown

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