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Dark, Latin Groove (or DLG) is just that -- an exciting music based on Latin salsa but with jiggers of bass-driven reggae, hip-hop and the more sampladelic side of house to spice the blend. The group came together in New York's Latin club scene around the aegis of producer Sergio George; he discovered vocalists Huey Dunbar and James "Da Barba" de Jesus -- the former a smooth soul crooner, the latter a ragga-influenced rapper who had backed up Tito Nieves as well as Sistah Souljah -- and set them up as DLG.

Signed to Sergio's Sir George Records, DLG premiered in April 1996 with Dark, Latin Groove, an exhilarating LP with terrific playing from George himself on keyboards, Marc QuiƱones on percussion and Ruben Rodriguez on bass, among others. Sophomore effort Swing On appeared in August 1997. ~ John Bush

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