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D' Masiv

A Berlin-based rapper of Palestinian stock, Massiv (born in Pirmasens, real name: Wasiem Taha on November 9, 1982) got his start on the Horror Kore Entertainment label after the boss -- MC Basstard -- heard Massiv's demo. The label debuted its new talent on the July 2006 Mix Tape release Horror Kore Mixtape, Part 1. The following year, Massiv departed from the independent label, and signed a lucrative deal with major Sony BMG. 2006 saw the release of his first album -- officially, anyway -- entitled Blut gegen Blut (or Blood Against Blood). The album was a moderate success, but its re-release a year later, with some reworked lyrics and bonus tracks was nearly a top fifty hit in the charts. In 2008, Massiv released his next album, Ein Mann ein Wort -- A Man Is a Word (in English). He has also contributed to a large number of other artists' works, and was a member of the group Pit Bulls. ~ Chris True

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