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Also known as El Club de los Poetas Violentos, this seminal Spanish rap crew was formed in Madrid around 1993 by MCs El Meswy, Mr. Rango, Paco King, Supernafamacho, and Frank-T, as well as DJ Jota May├║scula. After a series of demos, C.P.V. released their debut LP, Madrid, Zona Bruta, in 1994, often considered the first true hip-hop album by a Spanish act. Soon after, Frank-T left to pursue a solo career. Over the following few years, C.P.V. kept polishing their rough edges with the release of several maxis and two LPs, Grandes Planes (1997) and La Saga Contin├║a 24/7 (1998). While the collective never formally announced their disbandment, C.P.V. were inactive for about ten years. During this period, their reputation as pioneers of Spanish rap kept growing, partly fueled by the release of compilations and reissues. In 2009, C.P.V. reunited for some live performances, and revealed that a new album was in the cards. Siempre eventually appeared in 2012. ~ Mariano Prunes

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