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Chris Rea

British singer and guitarist Chris Rea has enjoyed a run of popularity in Europe during the late '80s and early '90s after almost a decade of previous recording. Rea started out performing with a local group called Magdalene, taking David Coverdale's place; the band won a national talent contest in 1975 as the Beautiful Losers, but still failed to get a record contract. Rea left the band and recorded the album Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?, which alluded to a discarded stage name, which went gold on the strength of the U.S. Top 20 hit "Fool (If You Think It's Over)." Rea was not heard from again in the U.S. for some time, concentrating his efforts on his main fan base of Europe. A compilation of tracks from Rea's '80s albums, New Light Through Old Windows, was released in 1988 and sold well in the U.K. and Europe and charted in the U.S. Rea followed it up with the critically acclaimed The Road to Hell, which many regarded as his best album. It and its follow-up, Auberge, went to the top of the U.K. album charts, but did not prove as successful in the U.S., where he has failed to chart with his subsequent releases. He released his most ambitious project in 2005, an eleven-album, 130-track box set of all new material inspired by the blues and his own paintings called Blue Guitars. The fun The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes appeared in 2008. ~ Steve Huey

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Discography of Chris Rea - All lyrics submitted by our Wiki Community

Blue Guitars - Chris Rea

Blue Guitars

  1. West Africa (instrumental)
  2. Cry for Home
  3. The King Who Sold His Own
  4. White Man Coming
  5. Where the Blues Come From
  6. Lord Tell Me It Won't Be Long
  7. Work Gang
  8. Praise the Lord
  9. Sweet Sunday
  10. Sing Out the Devil
  11. Boss Man Cut My Chains
  12. Walkin' Country Blues
  13. Man Gone Missing
  14. Can't Stay Blues
  15. KKK Blues
  16. Too Much Drinkin'
  17. Catwalk Woman
  18. If You've Got a Friend in Jesus
  19. Head Out on the Highway
  20. Wild Pony
  21. Steam Train Blues
  22. Going Up to Memphis
  23. Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49
  24. Ticket for Chicago
  25. Dance All Night Long
  26. Two Days Missing Down the Viper Room
  27. Who Cares If I Do
  28. What Made Me Love You
  29. You Got Dixie
  30. One Night With You
  31. Talking 'Bout New Orleans
  32. Le Fleur de la Vie (instrumental)
  33. Catfish Girl
  34. Only a Fool Plays by the Rules
  35. Baby Come Home
  36. Dance Avec Moi (instrumental)
  37. L'ete Eternal (instrumental)
  38. Electric Guitar
  39. Electric Memphis Blues
  40. All Night Long
  41. Born Bad
  42. Let's Start Again
  43. What I'm Looking For
  44. Rules of Love
  45. What You Done to Me
  46. Hobo Love Blues
  47. Pass Me By
  48. The Soul of My Father's Shadow
  49. My Blue World Says Hello
  50. Lone Rider
  51. Texas Blue
  52. No Wheels Blues
  53. Lone Star Boogie
  54. Blind Willie
  55. The American Way
  56. Angellina
  57. Truck Stop
  58. Weekend Down Mexico
  59. Texas Line Boogie
  60. Too Big City
  61. Houston Angel
  62. I'm Moving Up
  63. Maxwell Street
  64. Bob Taylor
  65. She's a Whole Heap of Trouble
  66. Jazzy Blue
  67. Hip-Sway
  68. That's the Way It Goes
  69. To Get Your Love
  70. Chicago Morning
  71. Catwalk Woman
  72. Since You've Been Gone
  73. All Night Long
  74. Here She Comes Now
  75. Last Call
  76. Maybe That's All I Need to Know
  77. Deep Winter Blues
  78. If I Ever Get Over You
  79. I Love the Rain
  80. My Soul Crying Out for You
  81. If That's What You Want
  82. There's No One Looking
  83. What Became of You
  84. My Deep Blue Ways
  85. Sweet Love
  86. Break Another Piece of My Heart
  87. Ball & Chain
  88. Gospel Trail
  89. Shy Boy
  90. Come Change My World
  91. Call on Me
  92. Just in Case You Never Knew
  93. Let Me In
  94. I'll Be There for You
  95. The Pain of Loving You
  96. Are You Ready
  97. Celtic Blue (instrumental)
  98. Too Far From Home
  99. 'Til the Morning Sun Shines on My Love and Me
  100. Lucky Day
  101. What She Really Is
  102. Wishing Well
  103. Irish Blues
  104. No More Sorrow
  105. While I Remain
  106. Last Drink
  107. 'Til I Find My True Love's Name
  108. Big White Door
  109. Hey Gringo
  110. Immigration Blues
  111. Still Trying to Clear My Name
  112. Sun Is Hot
  113. Screw You and Your Deep Blue Sea
  114. Nothing Seems to Matter No More
  115. Sometimes
  116. Lampiou
  117. Keep on Dancing
  118. Lucifer's Angel
  119. How I Know It's You
  120. Forever
  121. You Got Soul
  122. Bajan Blue
  123. My Baby Told Me (Blues)
  124. Got to Be Moving
  125. My Baby Told Me (Gospel)
  126. Heartbreaker
  127. Yes I Do (instrumental)
  128. Wasted Love
  129. Cool Cool Blue
  130. Clarkson Blues
  131. Who Killed Love
  132. Never Tie Me Down
  133. Mindless
  134. Ain't That Just the Prettiest Thing
  135. Nobody but You
  136. Waiting for Love
  137. Blue Morning in the Rain