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Presented by Bushido, arguably Germany's most well-known and commercially successful rap, Bisou is a female R&B trio who rose to celebrity as contestants on the 2006 season of Popstars, alongside rival girl group Monrose. Unlike the latter group, which proved the winner on Popstars, Bisou sings in German rather than English, as demonstrated on their debut single, "Die Erste Träne." The photogenic trio is comprised of Eliana (born Eliana d'Ippolito on April 12, 1986, in Manduria, Italy), Elvira (Elvira Michieva; July 6, 1987; Baku, Azerbaijan), and Kristina (Kristina Neuwert; February 27, 1988; Moskau, Russia). The girls made their recording debut in March 2007 with "Die Erste Träne," a ballad, while Hier und Jetzt, their full-length debut, followed in April; both charted (at 23 and 42, respectively), though neither was especially popular. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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