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Bersuit Vergarabat

Argentinean Latin rock band Bersuit, also known as Bersuit Vergabarat, was formed in the late '80s by singer Gustavo Cordera. After playing under the name of Harry y Sus Palangas, the group's name was changed to Bersuit in May of 1989. They made their debut album, called Bersuit Vergarabat Y Punto, in 1992, followed by 1993's Asquerosa Alegria, which was produced by Twetty González. In 1995, guitarist Charly Bianco was replaced by Alberto Valenzuela and a year later they recorded Don Leopardo. After signing up to Gustavo Santaolalla's label Surco, distributed by Universal, Bersuit released Libertinaje and Los Hijos Del Culo. ~ Drago Bonacich

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