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Apache Indian

British vocalist Apache Indian (born Steven Kapur) performs a highly eclectic form of ragga informed by the bhangra style of his east Indian heritage. After cutting his teeth toasting in U.K. dancehalls, Apache Indian began to release singles in the early '90s. Many of these singles would appear on his 1993 major-label debut, No Reservations, including "Don Raja," a song that exemplifies Apache Indian's cross-cultural fusion and earned him a new nickname as well.

By the mid-'90s, ragga production often included elements of hip-hop, and Apache Indian's next record was no exception. Featuring guest appearances from Jamaican reggae stars Frankie Paul, Yami Bolo, and American MC Tim Dog, 1995's Make Way for the Indian included sampled tabla beats and spawned a U.S. club hit with the shuffling R&B of "Boom Shak-a-Lak." The "Don Raja" of British ragga began to increase his international exposure, appearing in Hindi films like Love Birds and a feature role in Love Story '98. He continued to record as well, releasing Real People in 1998 and Karma in 2001. ~ Wade Kergan

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