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Aliados De La Sierra

Chicago-based duranguense stars Aliados de la Sierra hit the regional Mexican music world with lightning strike-like success. In the same year as its formation, the band released its debut disc, which quickly became one of the top-selling regional Mexican music releases of the year. Group members Sergio Federico (vocals), Eduardo Navar (keyboard), Jose Luis Muro (vocals), Roberto Tello (saxophone, guitar, and keyboard), Pedro Celis (saxophone), Juan Alfredo Rosas (tambora), and Adan Cervantes (drums and percussion) were all seasoned musicians when they came together in January of 2007. Many had cut their teeth with well-known groups like Los Alacranes Musical, Brazeros Musical, and Banda Karembe before coming together. The members of the sextet chose to name the band Aliados de la Sierra as a symbol of their alliance to one another in both good times and bad. As luck would have it, the band's first year did not test that commitment. Aliados de la Sierra signed with Latin Power Music inside of a few months after their formation. Their debut record, Con los Ojos Cerrados, was released promptly, and rocketed to success on the strength of the record's title single. The fledgling group's debut record peaked at number two on Billboard's Regional Mexican chart, landing the number five spot on Billboard's Top Latin Albums category. Before the year was out, Con los Ojos Cerrados had sold an impressive 120,000 units. Aliados de la Sierra recorded a live project toward the end of 2007, bearing the ironic title Greatest Hits -- Live from Chicago. Distribution by Universal's Machete Music earned the group an immense youth fan base throughout the Midwest, duranguense's stateside stronghold. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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